Travel and pictures

The Northwest, already dark this time of year, has suddenly turned cold and wet. I’ve been nursing a cold this week and pouring over the photographs I took while traveling in France in September. I […]

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Birthday new beginning

I chatted by phone with my brother a few days ago to catch up on family news. He’d just returned from visiting our sisters in Virginia, he’s working to stay healthy, etc. I listened and […]

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Showing my photos at my local art supply store

I go to my local art supply store Olyphant Art & Media just for therapy, sometimes. The place is comforting to me — filled with wonderful pens, notebooks, and more. It’s a warm, welcoming place. […]

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Happy Spring

Today would have been my mom’s 100th birthday, and I’m thinking Spring is right around the corner (though I know the official first day isn’t until March 20th). This time of year in the northwest […]

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December in my “cave”

I’ve become bored with what I’ve been writing in my blog and it’s time to take a break. Since I lived in Japan (1970 to 1973), I’ve thought of December as the month to clean […]

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Baby steps

I write this blog, first of all, because I hope to show myself what I think about and work on. I want to have a timeline “in the world,” breadcrumbs to see where I’ve traveled, […]

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This week the presidential election results were a big, depressing hit for me, as they were for a lot of folks. Journalists, pollsters were dead wrong. I don’t want to listen to them anymore. I […]

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New directions: November 2016

I guess I took a break from blogging after my Arts Walk presentation October 7th & 8th. But I’ve been thinking a lot about what I learned from it. I was encouraged, for one thing. […]

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What I learned from Arts Walk

My “presentation” at our local Fall Arts Walk took place last weekend and I’ve spent this week reflecting on what I learned and thinking about new directions for my creative work. For one thing, I’ve […]

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One week more

Today, I’m one week away from the “event” I’ve prepared for Arts Walk, in which I’ll show a lot of my work — and myself — to my community for the first time. It is […]

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